Understanding the devastating impact of injury and the importance of getting expert legal advice

Novum Law is working with APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) on the ‘Rebuilding Shattered Lives’ campaign.

As a specialist law firm helping people who’ve had their lives turned upside down by serious injury, we understand its devastating impact and the importance of getting expert legal advice.

The Rebuilding Shattered Lives initiative focuses on rebuilding trust in personal injury lawyers and to encourage people who have been seriously injured to seek specialist legal support so that they have access to justice, compensation and any ongoing help and rehabilitation they may need to rebuild their lives.

People should not feel ashamed about making a personal injury or medical negligence compensation claim. As APIL points out, people who suffer an injury caused by the negligence of someone else need, and have a right, to rebuild their lives. Injured people deserve our empathy and understanding. As a nation, we should be focused on what genuinely injured people need, rather than on myths about their motivation, and misconceptions about the specialist lawyers fighting for their rights and helping put them on the road to recovery.

Speaking in the Law Society Gazette about the benefits of getting specialist legal advice after serious injury, Mike Benner, APIL’s chief executive, says:

“Experienced, expert personal injury lawyers enable people who should never have been injured at all to gain the support they need to recover from those injuries. Recompense, resources, and rehabilitation are secured. Catastrophically injured people are given a chance of a future. Those causing loss to innocent people are held accountable.”

At Novum Law, we are dedicated to helping people who’ve sustained catastrophic, life-changing harm, including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. We work tirelessly to secure maximum compensation as well as access to first-class medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Annabelle Turner, a solicitor in our serious personal injury team, who has personal experience of being involved in a horrific road traffic accident and sadly lost her leg when she was a law student in Bristol, says:

“My experience of making my own personal injury claim made me realise the importance of securing compensation and rehabilitation. Compensation is not a windfall. It is about helping someone who has been needlessly injured to recover from those injuries and put their lives back on track. It’s vital we dispel the myths and misconceptions about making compensation claims and reduce the stigma around it – the needs of injured people must come first.”