Adjusting after life changing Injuries

Anthony Gold is proud to be supporting the APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) campaign “Rebuilding Shattered Lives” which has been set up to highlight the struggles faced by people who suffer life changing injuries, and to highlight the fact that when these injuries are sustained, the sufferers must be allowed “access to the support they need to rebuild their lives”.

A significant part of the rebuilding of lives after a serious injury caused through another’s negligence involves access to justice. That means being able to speak with a legal team so that you can feel supported in bringing your case, both practically and from the perspective of obtaining adequate compensation that reflects the severity of the injuries sustained.

Chasing compensation payments is a popular misconception about personal injury lawyers, because the truth is that a large part of their work involves taking detailed, practical and tangible actions to help clients rebuild their lives in a very real way.

Those actions might be organising suitable single storey housing for a limb loss victim who can no longer manage stairs or arranging domestic support for clients who cannot manage their day-to-day activities without help.

You can find out more about the initiative by finding and following Rebuilding Shattered Lives on Facebook and you can join in the conversation across Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn using the hashtag #RebuildingShatteredLives.

Written by Mumtaz Hussain