Shining a spotlight on the lives behind the headlines

A 25-year-old man was setting himself up for life. He was working hard, saving to buy a house with his girlfriend, who was expecting their first child. His future was on track. Then driving home from work one day, a car from the other side of the road hit him head on. He was in hospital for more than a month and was discharged to stay with his mum so she could care for him as he recovered from fractures to his chest bone, ribs, back, arms and legs, and internal bleeding. He could use a wheelchair but he needed help with washing, dressing, preparing food, and he was reliant on his mum to drive him to medical appointments. There was, almost inevitably, a psychological impact. He was off work for several months, but he was keen to get back, to continue saving for the house he wanted for his family. He did eventually return to his job loading and unloading deliveries for a supermarket, but it had to be phased. Injury put his plans on hold. His life was shattered but because his lawyers secured early rehabilitation for him, he is now back at work fully. He bought the house he wanted and is living with his partner and their baby.  

This is just one of the stories we have heard about real people who are affected by negligence since launching the Rebuilding Shattered Lives campaign. You will notice the impact is felt by the families too, not just the individual. Just imagine your partner was severely injured as you await the arrival of your baby. What should be a happy and exciting time would be overtaken by anguish and worry. This young man’s mum no doubt had to put her life and plans on hold as she cared for her son. It should not have happened.

Rebuilding Shattered Lives is shining a spotlight on the real people behind the headlines about personal injury claims. When all too often the conversations about personal injury focus on the financial cost to the people who pay for recompense and rehabilitation, the people who must take on the personal, human costs, need a platform to have their experiences heard.

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Mike Benner CEO, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)