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Rebuilding Shattered Lives puts injured people first. It tells real stories about real people. In a climate where those suffering injury due to the negligence of others are too often made to feel ashamed about seeking help to put their shattered lives back on track, injured people deserve a voice.

The myths and misconceptions enshrouding personal injury have made people feel that if they try to seek redress they are doing something wrong, something deceitful or even something criminal. It is remarkable that in an advanced society such damaging perceptions have thrived to a point where public sympathy for needlessly injured people has been adversely affected leading to misguided government intervention focused, not on the needs of injured people, but on the need to reduce fraud and legal costs, often on a promise of lower insurance premiums for consumers. The reality is that only 8%, a tiny fraction, of people who are injured make a claim for compensation and consumers have not generally benefitted from lower insurance premiums.

Rebuilding Lives is a push-back against this unfair situation and aims to tip the balance back in favour of injured people. It provides injured people with a voice and a safe place to tell the story of their journey towards recovery with the help and support of a dedicated personal injury lawyer by their side. Injured people deserve empathy and access to expert help in their time of need. Compensation is never a windfall and money is only a part of the toolkit of recovery for a needlessly injured person.

Help spread the word and join us in our mission to stamp out negative misconceptions and put the needs of injured people first. Negligence shatters lives and an injury can happen to anyone at any time. It could happen to you.

Mike Benner CEO, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)